We offer security and IT&C services with staff trained and certified by ARTS and ARSS and authorized by the Police Department (IGPR-DOP)

Magic Password

What is magic?

Protect personal passwords WITHOUT STORING THEM (never saved anywhere) in the software, on the device or in the cloud, so if your device is stolen, the information remains protected.

The password strength: through the "brute-force" attack, a password can be found in 3.3x10 exp 51 years (billion and billion… billion years).
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Licenta IGPR
Certificat Registrul Comertului
Certificat Inregistrare Fiscala

ARSS- Romanian Association of Security Specialists

IGPR- General Inspectorate of Romanian Police

IGSU- General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations

MCSI- Ministry of Communications and Information Society

ANSPDCP- National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing

ANCOM- National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications

Business catalogs

We provide the beneficiary with expert support on the activities and measures specific to the security field.

The technical solution developed and the data and information obtained will underlie the project implementation.

The existing system or objective and the security policies are evaluated against the beneficiary's needs and requirements and the security strategy and architecture is set.


We draw up the project required for the security system implementation according to the technical solution with all technical calculations, drawings, justifications, indications, etc.

The project implementation will consider all standards, rules, normative acts and laws in force.

The project will be complemented with the data required to obtain any authorizations specific to the system or objective.


We ensure the project is implemented and operates within the designed parameters.

Operations are carried out using specific equipment in order to ensure the highest possible quality of execution.

The beneficiary (through their representatives) will be trained in properly using the system.

Service and Maintenance

Maintaining a system within the designed operating parameters requires prompt service and periodic maintenance works.

Proper software and hardware are front and center in fully finding and remedying existing and potential future faults.

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